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Sofa Deep Cleaning


No gap is too small!

Sofa dusting and cleaning is no mean task. Extremely daunting and tiring with numerous corners to take care, it requires an excellent attention to detail and the right tools to act. It is also an extremely time consuming task and tests the limits of your patience!
No more! VNR Services is ready to take the burden and ensure perfect and flawless cleaning!

1. 1 or 2 people will clean for 2 hours approximately
2. TR101,TR103 are the chemical used
3. Vacuum Cleaner, Hand brushes are the equipments used.
4. Dry vacuum(Front and back off sofa)
5. Wet vacuuming(to remove dirty water and for drying)
6. Shampooing of sofa,carpet,mattress using cloth frix
7. Polishing is only done for leather sofa



Whatever upholstery you have, be it sofas, mattresses, arm chairs or carpets, we are here to deliver top-notch service for a competitive price. Give us a chance and experience a completely revitalized home and surroundings!

Interested or have a need? Contact us for more details! Reach us by email or phone: info@vnrservices.com or 9176510500.

Dry vacuuming the sofa, scrubbing/brushing sofa with chemical solution, wet vacuuming sofa to remove dirty water


The prices given is for one seat only


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