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Kitchen Deep Cleaning


A leading kitchen deep cleaning service provider in India

Your kitchen is the corner defining the health and well-being of your family. That said, it is important that it remain spick and span. Not only is a dirty kitchen an ungainly sight, it is also a source of infections and rodents. Further, dirty kitchens are also a fire hazard.
VNR Services provides bespoke kitchen cleaning services.
* Cleaning will take place for 1 or 2 hours with 1 or 2 people
* Chemicals used are R2 and D7 chemical(Suma Breakup Chemical/Spiral R3 Cleaning)
* Equiments used are hand scrubber, micro fibre duster and wipers.

The scope of our work includes but is not limited to
• Cleaning of walls, gas stoves, cupboards, chimneys and modular kitchens.
• Microwave cleaning
• Disinfection and pest control
• Cleaning tiles
• Removing grease spots, cobwebs etc
• General mopping, clearing trash
• oil stains and other stains will be removed.(all areas and
electronic items except vessels)
• Dustbin emptying and dispose.
• Waste materials removal and dispose.

The scope of the work are as follows

1. Cobweb removal
2. Cleaning cabinet exteriors with a damp cloth
3. Cleaning the stove & burners
4. Scrubbing of granite shelves & tiles to remove grease
5. Removing fingerprint marks from kitchen slab & cabinet
6. Emptying the trash
7. Deep Cleaning – Oil stern removing,cup board cleaning,chimney deep cleaning(out)window,door,exit fan,floor tiles and wall tiles.



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